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Condominium Remediation’s

A huge part of condo remediation work is not the price but the qualifications. I know customers are sensitive to price and we are not discounting that. But in order to do condominium work a company has to have the proper qualifications to do so.

  • The most important part of doing condominium work is knowing the building envelope process.
  • Condo work is the highest risk in terms of liability. It is important a company is certified and has the experience to do the proper installation of all WRB, rainscreen, flashings, and siding.
  • Have the proper liability insurance – most local companies will not have the insurance to perform town home or condominium work. These coverage’s are expensive and most companies do not pay for them. Please be aware of this when hiring a company

We are certified, trained, experienced and insured to do condominium work. For condo owners, please be aware of these requirements otherwise you may be liable to all other condo owners if these aspects are overlooked or neglected.


Rot Repair

Rot can be an unexpected variable of every condo project. We try to make this process as affordable as possible. Most condo owners fear this process, but we do not try to make money on this service. We provide rot repair as a courtesy to our business – because our guys are so skilled and quick – this process is usually very affordable.

Water Resistant Board (WRB Application)

When doing a condominium project, the most important part is the water proofing process (WRB). The siding and caulking is just cladding and will not protect the building as well as the water proofing will.

The most common WRB system that is used in the business is Tyvek by DuPont. We also use Fortifiber and Vapro shield.

Vapro shield even has a product called Wrap shield RS that has a rainscreen integrated into it. Meaning, you do not have to do the rainscreen furring strips. Most of the vaproshield products are a peel and stick so it eliminates the piercing of staples through the membrane.

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