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A huge part of our business is residential siding. We have dominated this industry in Whatcom County and Skagit County – slowly moving into the Snohomish and King County area. This is mainly because we are one of the most experienced companies in this area – not to mention our perfect track record. It goes without saying, that in this industry the customer is the most important part the business. We hold values that most companies have abandoned – “The customer is always right!” This means catering to all needs that a customer may have. Whether this is a time crunch, details of project, or special arrangements we have you covered. There is no such thing as a conflict that can’t be resolved. It just requires putting all emotions aside and taking care of business.

ColorPlus Technology

We offer a pre-painted Hardie option that comes in 15 different colors. This option is ideal for the winter and fall months when it is near impossible to paint. This product has a painting warranty of 15-years because Hardie actually bakes on the color. Normally the color would just be sprayed on but Hardie sends it through an oven and the color is baked into the product giving it the durability to last 15-years. So if within that 15-years the product fails, Hardie will pay to replace it – labor and material.

Residential Resides

A big part of out business is resides. To be able to perfrom well within this industry you must know how to deal with all the obstacles that may arise within remodeling projects. This type of work is not for the companies that lack knowledge or expertise. There are lots of variables that may arise – which include rot issues, flashing concerns, or siding applications. So before you hire a company – evaluate who is more qualified.

We also offer warranties that our competitors do not! Ask about those warranties during a free estimate!

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